Reverse-cycle air conditioners

A reverse-cycle air conditioner is a popular option for homes in Ballarat. In the extreme Australian climate – sometimes exceeding 40 degrees in summer, and dropping below zero in winter – they offer an efficient and affordable option for heating and cooling your home using electricity.

In the hot and often humid Australian summer, your Mitsubishi reverse-cycle air conditioner will absorb hot air from your home and redistribute it outside. When the temperature drops in winter, reverse-cycle air conditioning kicks in, leveraging heat from the outside air to help heat your home, rather than having to completely manufacture warmth.

It can be confusing selecting the right air conditioner for your home – trying to work out what a ducted reverse-cycle air conditioning¬†system offers versus a wall-mounted model. It doesn’t need to be hard when our Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealers are there to offer expert and easy-to-understand¬†advice, sales and installation of Mitsubishi reverse-cycle air conditioning systems. Choose the features that suit you, including:

  • built-in timer
  • energy efficient
  • antibacterial and deodorising technology
  • modern, stylish and streamlined design to fit in with interior decor
  • quiet mode
  • WiFi control available on some models.

We’ll guide you through the best options to suit your home and needs, including wall-mounted reverse-cycle air conditioner with split system and inverter – ideal for comfortable living in one room or open-plan living areas.

No matter your budget or the layout of your home, J E Mechanical will help you create your perfect living environment, year-round. Leveraging the advanced technology of Mitsubishi reverse-cycle air conditioning, you’ll get your home to the right temperature faster and keep it there – using less energy and saving money.

To find out more, please request a quote for a reverse-cycle air conditioner in Ballarat.

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