Our air conditioning & heating FAQ

We’re proud to be the trusted experts in heaters and air conditioners for Ballarat, providing unparalleled service and expertise for our customers.

Please contact us for further information or advice on heating and cooling systems.

I need an air conditioner installed in my Castlemaine home. Can you help?

Yes. While J E Mechanical is based in Ballarat, we provide heating and air conditioner advice, sales and installations for surrounding towns, including:

Castlemaine, Maryborough, Maldon, Clunes, Kyneton, Learmonth, Creswick, Talbot, Maryborough, Avoca, Dunolly, Miners Rest, Beaufort, Alfredton, Smythesdale, Daylesford, Woodend, Dereel, Linton, Skipton, Colac, Lismore, Camperdown, Ararat, Landsborough, Stawell, Mortlake, and Buninyong.

What’s the benefit of a ducted air conditioner versus a wall-mounted or floor-standing unit?

Ducted air conditioners are a popular choice for their space-saving capacity. There’s no unit taking up space in your lounge room or bedrooms – the only part of the air conditioner visible is the grille in the ceiling. Ducted air conditioning can cool multiple rooms with minimum inconvenience.

However, wall-mounted air conditioners are a popular choice for split systems, as they allow you to select the unit that best suits each room. Constantly updating technology means wall and floor-standing air conditioners are becoming more streamlined, for a sleek and modern look in any home.

How do I choose the right air conditioner for my home?

There are a few questions you can ask yourself to determine which air conditioner type best suits you, including:

  • how big is your home?
  • how many rooms do you want to cool?
  • do you need heating as well?
  • do you have high ceilings?
  • how many windows does your room have and where could additional heat enter?

If you’re unsure of the answers or need further clarification, please contact our team for friendly advice and recommendations on the best fit for your needs.

What’s the difference between ducted heating and underfloor heating?

Where ducted heating relies on air flow to spread warmth throughout your home, underfloor heating uses radiant heat to directly heat the floor overnight, with the heat dissipating up through the home.

Ducted heating tends to use gas, which makes it a more economic choice for families and larger homes, while under-slab heating relies on electricity or hydronic heating for warmth.

What is hydronic heating?

Hydronic heating uses water to transfer warmth through your home or business. Water is heated and transferred through pipework to radiators that distribute the radiant warmth. Once used, the water feeds back to the heat source for re-heating and redistribution, making this a great option for energy-efficiency.