Ducted heating systems, Ballarat

In the cold winter months, Ballarat turns to J E Mechanical for electric ducted heating installations. We’re the local experts, helping customers stay comfortable and save money on their energy bills.

Ducted heaters are a popular choice – producing low emissions while instantly warming the whole house, without drying out skin, eyes or hair.

Ducts are placed throughout your home for easy year-round temperature control. Heater ducts can be located in either the ceiling or floor, depending on your home. Either way, the only visible part of your ducted heater is the grille – there’s no need for a bulky, wall-mounted unit taking up space in your home.

Ducted heating is a great option for larger homes, where the ducts allow heat to be evenly and quickly distributed throughout every room.

Ducted heating simply takes air from inside your home, runs it through the heater and redistributes the warm air throughout your home, using a system of ducts. This type of heating ensures a constant and consistent temperature for maximum comfort.

You can also choose a ducted heater with zoning capability, meaning you can elect to warm only some parts of your home, rather than every room. You’ll achieve a comfortable temperature quickly when and where you need it, and save money on your energy bill.

Please request a ducted heating quote for your home to find out more.

If you’re looking for air conditioners in Ballarat, we also offer sales, installation and advice for both reverse-cycle and split system air conditioners.