Underfloor heating systems

There’s nothing worse than having to get out of your cosy bed on a freezing winter’s day – or so you think until you set foot on the bone-chilling timber or tile floors in your home. Take the chill away with Ballarat’s underfloor heating experts at J E Mechanical.

Underfloor heating systems can be used as the main heat source for your entire home, or to keep the chill off the floor in particular rooms. The team at J E Mechanical provides advice on the best model to suit your needs and budget. We also offer sales and installation of a huge range of industry-leading systems.

This type of heating for your home ensures even warmth is distributed throughout the home, from the floor up – meaning you don’t waste money heating your home only to lose heat through the ceiling. Your home stays warmer for longer, at a lower temperature compared with convection heating systems.

Kitchen and bathroom underfloor heating is a popular choice. Warming the tiles directly removes the need for additional heat sources, saving you money. This type of heating system doesn’t require air flow to transport heat, reducing the risk of allergies and respiratory problems. The dry heat also prevents the likelihood of mould and other fungi common in bathrooms.

Electric under-slab floor heating uses heating cables embedded in your home’s concrete slab floor to deliver radiant heat directly to the slab. Heated overnight, the slab then distributes the heat to your home throughout the day. Common floor surfaces heated using this method include:

  • concrete
  • timber and parquetry
  • tiles
  • stone
  • carpet.

Please request an underfloor heating quote for more information.

J E Mechanical can supply and install a wide range of heating systems, including hydronic floor heating in Ballarat.